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Shaffer Chiropractic Center

Are you tired?

Constantly sick?

Your Hometown Source for Chiropractic and Nutritional Wellness Care!

Do you feel lost in the sea of healthcare information? Do you feel you are not getting the answers that work for you in your health? 

My desire is to empower those who feel misinformed or uninformed about their healthcare options by teaching alternative healthcare options found in chiropractic care and nutrition, allowing you to be empowered and healthy.

The body’s inability to handle external and internal stressors cause disease.

AGING is not the same as getting old. The key to aging well can be found at our cellular level. Are you unintentionally leaving a lot of LIFE out of the years you are living?

Do you feel your body has the ability to get well? If the right methods are applied to it, and if the bad processes are stopped, it can! Bad habits can be VERY EXPENSIVE to your health AND your bank account.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is: Are you willing to do what it takes to get well?

Health is a verb, it takes action. What I need you to do is get involved with your health, listen to your body and our advice, communicate with us, and follow through with action! DON'T CONTINUE TO LET PAIN/DISEASE/ILLNESS RUIN YOUR LIFE!! I realize you won’t be perfect and I am not here to judge you but to coach you and help you get back to LIVING your life!


WE CAN HELP YOU!         

Ready to lose weight?

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